. I've been out ever so many times. Sometimes I'm a Democrat and sometim

es I'm a Republican. It makes no difference to me so long as I have fun.

" Three weeks passed without developing anything to affect our hero's


fortunes. About this time Ezekiel Bond received the following note from his uncle: I think you may as well carry out, without any further delay, the plan on which you agreed when Oliver entered your employment. I consider it desirable that he should be got rid of at once. As soon as anything happens, apprise me by letter.


B. Kenyon. Ezekiel Bond shrugged his shoulders when he received this letter. "I can't quite understand what Uncle Benjamin is driving at," he said to himself. "He's got the property, and I can't see how the boy stands in the way. However, I am under obligations to him, and must carry out his wishes." Ten minutes lat


er he entered the store from the back room, and said to Oliver: "Have you any objection to going out for me?" "No, sir," answered Oliver with alacrity. He was glad to escape for a time from the confinement of the store and breathe the outside air. John Meadows would have rebelled against being employed as an errand boy, but Oliver had no such pride. "Here

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is a sealed letter which I wish carried to the address marked on it. Be careful of it for it contains a twenty-dollar bill. Look out for pick-pockets." "Yes, sir." Oliver put the letter in his coat pocket, put on his hat, and went out into the street. The distance was about a mile, but as trade was dull at that hour, he decided to walk, knowing that he could easily be spared from the store. The note was addressed to a tailor who had been making a business coat for Mr. Bond. Oliver entered the tailor's

Event 1
  • Wednesday
    tore par3rd September 2084
  • Time
    ticularl9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
  • Venue X
    y, but ILifestyle Mall
    like NeYangon, Myanmar
Event 2
  • Thursday
    w York."7th August 2084
  • Time
    "Lot6:30 PM to 9:30 PM
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    s goin' Walking Street
    on here Mandalay, Myanmar
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  • Sunday
    all the 5th July 2084
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    time. Do10:00 AM ~ 5:00 PM
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    n't you Patong Beach
    want to Phuket, Thailand
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  • Saturday
    go out i2nd June 2084
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    n a torc11:00 AM to 3:00 PM
  • Open Hall
    hlight pNight Market
    rocessioHua Hin, Thailand

shop and inquired for James Norcross, the head of the establishment. An elderly man said: "That is my name," and opened the letter

. He read it, and then turned to Oliver. "Where is the money!" he demanded. "What money?" asked Oliver, surprised. "Your e


mployer writes me that he encloses twenty doll


ars—the amount due me—and wishes me to send back a receipt by you." "Well, sir?" "There is no money in the letter," said the tailor, looking s

harply at Oliver. "I don't understand it at


all, sir," said Oliver, disturbed. "Has the letter gone out of your possession?" "No, sir. I put it in my pocket and it has rem

ained there." "How, then, could the money be


lost?" "I think Mr. Bond may have neglected to put it in. Shall I go back and ask him about it?" Again Mr. Norcross looked in Oliver's face. Certa


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inly there was no guilt expressed there, only concerned surprise. "Perh

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aps you had better," he said. "You saw me open the letter?" "Yes, sir."

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"Then you can bear witness that there was nothing in it. Report this t


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o Mr. Bond, and ask him to send me up the money to-morrow at latest, as I need it to help meet a note." "I will, sir. I am sorry there has been any mistake about it." "Mr. Bond must certainly have forgotten to put in the bill. I presume he has found out his mistake by this time," thought Oliver. He had no suspicion that there was no mistake at all—that it was a conspiracy against his own reputation,

instigated by Mr. Kenyon, and artfully carried out by Ezekiel Bond. CHAPTER XVII. OLIVER LOSES HIS PLACE. O LIVER re-entered the store and went up to Mr. Bond, who was standing behind the counter awaiting his return. "Have you brought back the receipt?" asked his employer, before he had a chance to speak. "No, sir." "Why not?" demanded Bond, frowning. "There was some mistake, Mr. Bond. The letter you gave me contained no money." "Contained no money! What do you mean?" exclaimed the storekeeper. Oliver briefly related the circumstances, repeating that the letter contained no money. "Do you mean to tell me such an unblushing

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falsehood," demanded Ezekiel Bond, "expecting me to believe it?" "Mr. Bond," said Oliver, with dignity, "it is just as I say. There was no money in the letter." "Silence!" roared Bond, working himself up into a premeditated excitement. "I tell you I put the money in myself. I think I ought to know whether there was any money in it." "It is very strange, sir. I saw Mr. Norcross

open the letter. If he had taken any bill out, I should have seen it." "I presume you would," sneered Bond. "I dare say he did find the letter empty." Oliver looked puzzled. He was not yet prepared for an accusation. He attributed Mr. Bond's anger to his annoyance at the loss of twenty dollars. He kept silent, but waited to hear what else his employer had to say. "I can understand this strange matter," continued Ezekiel, with another sneer. "I am not altogether a fool, and I can tell you why no bill was found."


"Why, sir?" "Because you opened the letter and took the money out before you reached the tailor's." He was about to say more, but Oliver interrupted him by an indignant denial. "That's a lie, sir!" he said hotly. "I don't care

who say

s it."

"Do yo

u mean

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